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Policies & Strategies
Link: Population Printabe Version (PDF)

With respect to population, the following policies should guide the City:

  1. Migration. Stem net out-migration.

  2. Families. Make the city attractive again to families.

  3. Immigrants. Attract more immigrants.

  4. Integration. Foster integrated neighborhoods.

  5. Education. Increase the educated population.

  6. Downtown. Continue Downtown’s residential growth.

Access & Choices: Behind all of these policies is the recognition of the fact that, more than ever before, people can choose where they want to live. This is especially true of highly educated and creative persons of the sort that will be needed in great numbers between now and 2020 to drive the new economy, generate—and fill—the jobs of the 21 st century, and make Cleveland competitive. Research has shown what attracts such people to an area. Things like:

  • Distinctive and interesting neighborhoods that offer an array of housing options —from large old homes with big lawns to modern condominiums with stunning urban or waterfront views to roomy apartment lofts in charming historic districts.
  • Access to shopping and dining, entertainment, public transportation, recreational facilities, nature and other amenities.
  • Access to first-rate educational, cultural and other opportunities, as well as to health care and state-of-the-art accommodations for older citizens and retirees.
  • A community that is supportive of new businesses and new ideas, where people are free to express their individuality and diversity in people and lifestyles is valued.

The Need for Coordinated Thinking: Thus, decisions made over the next 15 years in such subject areas as Housing or Transportation & Transit, or in neighborhoods around the city, by developers and others will affect Cleveland’s ability to stem outward migration, stabilize the city’s population, and attract additional people with skills and ideas critical to its future competitiveness. The Connecting Cleveland 2020 Citywide Plan therefore proposes a broad range of land use and development policy recommendations—and identifies opportunities for new development—that are intended to increase choice and access and improve the quality of life in the city of Cleveland.

Policies and strategies that deal with citywide issues are presented in the chapters on Housing , Retail , Economic Development , Recreation and Open Space , Sustainability , Arts and Culture , Education and Community Services , Transportation and Transit , Safety and Preservation .

Goals and strategies and opportunities for development that are more specific to individual Cleveland neighborhoods are found in the District Chapters, one chapter for each of the city’s six planning districts.

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