Board of Building Standards & Building Appeals

The Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals is a 5-memberbody responsible for hearing appeals from any order, requirement, decision, or determination of the Commissioner of Building and Housing, or any other administrative official or agency of the City, relating to the location, design, materials, construction, alteration, repair, equipment, use or occupancy, maintenance, removal or demolition of any building or other structure, or appurtenance connected or attached to such buildings or structures, regulated by the Building Code of the City of Cleveland.


Effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals has suspended the filing of all in-person appeals. Download ( ) and mail the application along with the applicable fee to:
The Board of Building Standards & Building Appeals
601 Lakeside Avenue. Room 516
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Under the conditions specified by law, the Board of Building Standards & Building Appeals will be conducting virtual meetings in a limited capacity using the WebEx Platform. This will include limited agenda items to initiate the process to ensure we can appropriately evaluate the process.

The Board of Building Standards & Building Appeals meetings will be also be
live streamed on YouTube.

In order to keep the WebEx session to a manageable size we are asking individuals that wish to participate in the meeting to contact the Board of Building Standards & Building Appeals office by phone or email (email is preferred). Those individuals not planning to comment on any agenda item during the WebEx session are encouraged to view one of the live streams.

To contact the Board of Building Standards & Building Appeals office and request access to the WebEx meeting email us at
*** For the quickest response please email us. ***

We ask that you include the name of the project you plan to comment on when requesting access to the WebEx meeting.

2021 Meeting Dates (PDF)

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View and Download Previous Meeting Recordings on our YouTube Channel.

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Instructions to Appellant for Filing Appeals

*Download the Application Here (PDF)*

  1. A person filing an appeal must have legal and/or equitable interest in the property affected in the appeal, or be an attorney or agent representing the person having legal or equitable interest.
  2. The Board requires the owner or his/her representative to be present at the virtual/ public hearing.
  3. The following listed items, properly executed and attached to the Appeal Application shall constitute an appeal, provided the thirty (30) day time limitation established by Ordinances 3103.20(e) and 367.09 has not expired.

To File an Appeal

  1. Prepare an explicit statement, with original signature, addressed to the Board of Building Standards & Building Appeals, setting forth the following;
    1. Request for hearing of appeal from decision of the Plan Examiner and or Building and Housing Ordinances.
    2. Clear and accurate description of the construction or use (if applicable).
    3. All facts and reasons why the determination sought should be granted.
  2. Complete the Board of Building Standards & Building Appeals Application.
  3. An appeal fee is required (Ord. No. 2393.02 Section 3103.21) when the appeal is filed. All checks are made payable to the City of Cleveland. The fee charged are as follows:
    • a. One, Two, Three Family Dwellings $30.00
    • b. All Other Structures $130.00
    • c. Product Approvals & Any Other Appeals $65.00
    • d. Additional Time Request from previous hearing (Provide Docket No.) $20.00
  4. Submit the aforesaid statement, drawings, pictures and application fee to the Board of Building Standards & Building Appeals, 601 Lakeside Avenue, Room 516, Cleveland, Ohio 44114


All preparations, including notices, necessary for the hearing of an appeal will be executed by this office after the receipt of all items listed above.

Meetings are held twice a month on Wednesday's at 9:30 a.m. in the Conference Center located on the 5th floor in room 514 or virtually via WebEx.

Check the Board of Building Standards and Building Appeals webpage for hearing dates:

Approved and adopted resolutions can be located in The City Record:

For further information, you may email or contact this office during normal business hours 216-664-2418.


  • Hearings are held in Cleveland City Hall 601 Lakeside Avenue Cleveland, Oh 44114 Room 514 or virtually via WebEx format.
  • Your Notice of Hearing will provide hearing format.
  • Your appeal may be dismissed if you do not appear.
  • Postponements are not granted for the mere convenience of the parties, their representatives or witness(es). All participants are expected to arrange time off from everyday affairs, including management duties, work, school, vacation, doctor appointments, etc.
  • Email/submit all documents relating to the appeal (i.e. digital drawings, pictures or contracts) etc.
  • If a participant uses/needs an interpreter, contact the Board immediately.
  • The conference area may not be handicapped accessible. If a participant has any special needs or requires a disability accommodation(s), contact the Board immediately.
  • If there are unforeseen delays, you will be expected to wait for this hearing to begin.
  • If you have any witness (es), it is your responsibility to inform them of the date, time and location of the hearing if applicable.
  • The Board does not compensate for parking fees/infractions.

Location and Contact Information

City Hall Room 516
601 Lakeside Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114

216-664-2418 • 216-664-2631 (fax)
***For the quickest response please email us.***

Commission Members

  • Robert Maschke, Architect •
  • Patrick M. Gallagher, Labor Representative •
  • Howard Bradley, Builder