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Thrive 105-93


With grant funds from the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) Tiger program and its own matching contribution, the City of Cleveland set out to define a collective vision for the neighborhoods connected by the # 10 Bus route. This corridor follows E 105th Street south from Bratenahl through St. Clair/Superior, then through Glennville, University Circle, then south to Fairfax where it connects to Woodhill Rd via Quincy Street. The corridor then connects southward through Woodhill, Buckeye, Kinsman, and Union Miles. Overall the one bus route covers 7 miles in length. It crosses 9 high volume bus routes, 2 rapid lines and the health line. Each of these neighborhoods have their own story, their own context, and many have charted their own course forward into the 21st century independently.

This plan seeks to unite the aspirations of each community into a coordinated playbook that each can follow, work towards and benefit from. The plan identifies ways in which communities along route #10 can work together to attract new investment and foster a renewed spirit of entrepreneurship all while emphasizing their neighborhood's unique citizens, attributes, and history.

Through an intimate and transparent engagement process, the Healthy Hough team has identified 5 key priorities of Safety, Transportation, Access to Healthy Food, Local Employment and Youth Engagement. The team has invited community members and stakeholders to co-create solutions within each of these priority areas that would help achieve their vision of a healthier, safer, more engaged Hough. The team will then use these solutions as guideposts to develop place-based design guidelines to help the CCPC shepherd future development in and around the neighborhood.

Download the final plan (pdf).