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Location. District 1 is located on Cleveland’s far west side. It consists of seven neighborhoods (or “Statistical Planning Areas”): Edgewater, Cudell, West Boulevard, Jefferson, Puritas-Longmead, Kamm’s Corners and Riverside. Residents also refer to much of the District, specifically the area west of West 117 th Street, as “Westpark”, a reference to the Village of West Park which was annexed by the City in 1923. The 18.6 -square-mile District 1 includes all of Wards 19, 20 and 21 and most of Ward 18. Small pieces of Ward 17 are also in the district. The district is well served by three interstate highways (I-71, I-90 and I-480), the west side rapid transit line and Cleveland Hopkins International Airport which occupies the southwest corner of the district.

Population. The population of District 1, according to the 2000 Census, stands at 96,325. Of that number, roughly 78% are white, 12% black, 2% of Asian/Pacific background, less than 1% American Indian and 5% “Other”. Three percent of the district’s population also identify themselves as Hispanic. Incomes of residents in the district are generally the highest in the City. Except for the Edgewater neighborhood which has a large concentration of rental units near Lake Erie and the rapid transit line, homeownership rates are also among the highest in the City.

Development Patterns. Two major natural features form the western and northern boundaries of the district. The Rocky River Reservation, part of the Cleveland Metroparks’ Emerald Necklace, forms the western border of District 1 protecting the entire river valley and providing one of the largest areas of greenspace in the City. The northern edge of the district is Lake Erie which is lined with some of the highest priced houses in the City. Just to the east along the lakeshore is Edgewater State Park. A variety of smaller parks are scattered throughout other parts of the district to serve residents. Much of the district is residential and it generally has the highest housing values in the City. Multi-family housing is concentrated near Lake Erie and near the rapid transit line which runs from northeast to southwest through the center of the district and which connects Hopkins Airport with Downtown. Industrial uses are located in corridors along the rail lines that traverse the district. Modern industrial and office parks are located along Interstate 480 near the airport. Lorain Avenue developed as a major street car route emanating from downtown and subsequently has become the main retail corridor of the City’s west side. At the eastern end of the district Clifton and West Boulevards, known for their wide treelawns and substantial residential structures, have been designated historic districts as has the Lorain Station area near West 98 th Street, which at one time was a terminus for the street car line.

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