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Location. District 6 occupies the northeast sector of the City of Cleveland, stretching 3 miles along the Lake Erie shoreline. It is 12 square miles in area and is comprised of six neighborhoods (or “Statistical Planning Areas”): Glenville and Forest Hills to the west, and North Collinwood, South Collinwoodand Euclid-Green to the east. The District includes all of Wards 10 and 11 and most of Wards 8 and 9. It is bordered on the east and south by the suburbs of Euclid, South Euclid, Cleveland Heights and East Cleveland, with Bratenahl to the northwest. Interstate highway I-90 runs in an east-west direction through the district, providing convenient access to downtown, with interchanges at Martin Luther King Boulevard, Eddy Road, East 156 th and East 185 th Streets. Major east-west roads include Lakeshore, St. Clair, Superior and Euclid. Two heavily traveled freight rail lines run through District 6, one paralleling the Shoreway and the other paralleling Euclid Avenue and East 131 st Street.

Population. District 6 is home to 79,369 residents (as recorded in the 2000 U.S. Census). This is equivalent to the combined populations of the nearby suburbs of Cleveland Heights and South Euclid. The district’s population is relatively stable, down 6.4% from 1990, similar to the citywide trend. African-American residents constitute 82% of the district’s population. Household incomes in District 6 are in the moderate range, with 1999 median household incomes higher in the north and the east – $29,327 in Euclid Park and $27,286 in North Collinwood – and lower in the west – $21,686 in Glenville – compared to a citywide figure of $25,928.

Development Patterns. The Lake Erie shoreline, four stream valleys and two freight rail lines have set the pattern for development in District 6 for over a hundred years. Parks and housing have been developed in proximity to Doan Brook (through Rockefeller Park), Dugway Brook (through Forest Hills Park and Lakeview Cemetary), Nine Mile Creek (paralleling Belvoir Boulevard), and Euclid Creek (through North Collinwood and Euclid Beach State Park), as well as along the Lake Erie Shoreline, particularly in North Collinwood and in the adjacent Village of Bratenahl. Large-scale industry developed along the former New York Central/ Conrail (now CSX) freight line in North Collinwood and along the former Norfolk & Western (now Norfolk & Southern) line in the South Collinwood/ Nottingham area. Retail shopping districts developed along the area’s principal arterial streets, including St.Clair, Superior, Lakeshore, Euclid, East 105 th, East 152 nd and East 185 th

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