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Description. North Collinwood sits on the shores of Lake Erie and became a part of the City of Cleveland when the villages of Collinwood and Nottingham were annexed in 1910 and 1913 respectively. Early in its history it was a large vineyard area whose grapes were shipped via the rail yard to markets outside the region. Today most of the neighborhood north of I-90 is residential with housing dating from a throughout the 20 th century. Apartment buildings are generally concentrated along Lakeshore Boulevard. Industrial uses are concentrated in a narrow band between I-90 and the rail lines.

Assets. Among the neighborhood’s most significant assets are:

  • Lake Erie and the approximately three miles of shoreline in North Collinwood
  • Euclid Creek which flows through the neighborhood and meets the lake at Wildwood State Park
  • Euclid Beach and Wildwood State Parks which include the historic gateway arch of former Euclid Beach Amusement Park
  • Humphrey Park , proposed location of a new city recreation center
  • the East 185 th Street retail district which is one of the strongest in the city
  • Lakeshore Boulevard, which is the route of the Cleveland Lakefront Bikeway and the Lake Erie Coastal Ohio Scenic Byway
  • Villa Angela/St. Joseph High School which provides college preparatory education to over 500 students

Challenges. Among the challenges faced by the North Collinwood neighborhood today are:

  • deteriorating housing conditions west of East 152 nd Street
  • underutilized housing above storefronts in retail districts
  • erosion problems for lakefront property owners
  • loss of grocery store and tiring appearance of storefronts and streetscape on East 185 th Street
  • vacant stores in the Lakeshore retail district
  • capitalizing better on proximity to Lake Erie and Euclid Creek

Vision. Creating a stronger orientation to Lake Erie is a major strategy for solidifying the neighborhood and attracting new investment.Among the development opportunities and initiatives proposed are the following:

  • develop better connections to Lake Erie taking full advantage of Collinwood’s proximity to the lake via Euclid Beach and Wildwood Park
  • utilize North Collinwood’s natural amenities to connect to surrounding communities and enhance neighborhood quality of life through the development of the Euclid Creek watershed connector trail and Lakeshore scenic byway
  • regenerate Collinwood’s retail districts through strategic investment and streetscape to create unique yet convenient destinations for residents in Cleveland and Euclid
  • create an entertainment district in North Collinwood by investment in the Waterloo District
  • utilize the neighborhoods history and heritage to develop arts and cultural events and images where appropriate
  • take full advantage of concentrations of old multifamily structures to develop housing opportunities at a variety of price points
  • target housing programs on streets west of East 152 nd and south of Lakeshore Blvd.
  • make North Collinwood a safe neighborhood for residents and businesses

Printable version: can be downloaded here.

Maps (current as of May 2007): Assets, Development Opportunities, Land Use (existing and proposed), and Retail Strategies are available here. (PDF)


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