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Pedestrian refuge with permiable paving
and landscaping.

University Circle Mobility Study – TLCI

The study will produce a comprehensive evaluation of existing and forecasted conditions in the University Circle area, including automobile, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian facilities; intersection and traffic flow conditions and performance; workforce travel patterns; and wayfinding for all modes. I t will be integrated with existing studies of transportation systems and plans for facility expansion in the study area. It will include significant stakeholder and community engagement on all levels and will produce a series of recommendations to inform a subsequent transportation management implementation plan.

Final Report - Part 1 (PDF)

Final Report - Part 2 (PDF)

Lakefron Greenway and Downtown Connector Study

Final Report (PDF)

The plan is intended to tie together the lakefront and the near eastside neighborhoods, which is a reasonable distance for bicyclists and pedestrians; however it is separated by Interstate 90 and the Amtrak line. The goals of this project will be to improve the North and South marginal Roads for travel by bicyclists and pedestrians and to strengthen the connection between the lakefront and the near eastside neighborhoods. Continue to develop the bicycle network further to better connect these near east side neighborhoods with downtown Cleveland. Finally, look at modal connections between districts in the west side of downtown through the central business district and onwards towards the near eastside neighborhoods and districts.

Clark Ave TLCI

Left: South Marginal with proposed trail. Middle: A roundabout is proposed for the E. 72nd St. Interchange. Right: Proposed trail with a 2 foot brick paver buffer between the trail and roadway.

Clark Avenue Corridor – TLCI

Final Report (PDF)

The project will yield together a master planning document for the corridor that links the Towpath Trail at Clark Field with the proposed W. 65th Street multiuse path and Train Avenue Greenway, recommending streetscape improvements at 4 main intersections, provides traffic calming strategies targeting key segments, harmonizes multimodal traffic flows, and conducts a traffic analysis of the intersection of W. 25th Street and Clark Avenue.

Clark Ave TLCI

Left:An example that demonstrates a combination of street trees, site furnishings, decorative elements and on street parking. Middle:Off-set ladder croswalks and median pedestrian refuge.This image is Right: Image of possible plaza functions and design elements.