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Scooters and bike should be ridden in the street, following all traffic rules. Use bike lanes when possible. Motor vehicle drivers should pass people on scooters and bikes with care, allowing at least three feet of space.

For motor vehicle drivers:

  • Share the road. People riding scooters and bikes are allowed on the road. While they will likely use bike lanes where available, bike and scooter riders can ride in the middle of the travel lane to be visible and to avoid road hazards.
  • Don't drive distracted. Be alert and watch out for slower moving road users like people on scooters and bikes. Focus your full attention on the road. Don't let distractions like texts and email ruin a life.
  • Pass safely. Drivers may pass people on scooters and bikes if there are at least three feet (ORC 4511.27(A)(1)) between the motor vehicle and the rider. Where possible, change lanes to pass. You may cross a double yellow line to pass (ORC 4511.29 and 4511.31(B)) as long as you safely yield to oncoming traffic. Make sure you are safely ahead of the rider before merging back into the right lane. If there is not room to pass safely, follow behind at a safe distance until you can pass.
  • Look before you leave. When you park on the street, check your blind spot to make sure you will not hit a scooter or bike rider when you open your door. Try to make a habit of using the Dutch reach.
  • Be patient. Everyone on the road wants to get where they are going quickly and safely. Waiting a few seconds to pass safely or to double check there are no oncoming scooter or bike riders before making a turn doesn't cost much in time, but will save lives.

For scooter and bike share riders:

  • Ride in the street. Scooter and bike riders should ride in the street with the flow of traffic, using bike lanes where possible. Do not ride on the sidewalk in business districts or areas where there are pedestrians.
  • Be visible. Never assume a driver sees you. Ride at least three feet from the curb so you are in the line of sight of other road users. Scooters and bikes are equipped with lights and reflectors, but wear bright colors when possible.
  • Be predictable. Follow all traffic laws, including stopping when the traffic light is red. Signal turns when possible. Avoid weaving and riding erratically.
  • Ride smart. Don't carry objects that keep you from controlling the scooter or bike. Don't be distracted or ride with headphones. Don't drink and ride. Don't ride more than one person per device.
  • Wear a helmet. You only have one brain. Protect it! Permitted vendors are required to give you a free helmet upon request.
  • Don't get stranded. Under City regulations for the 6-month demonstration, scooter vendors are required to deactivate the devices between 7pm and 7am. Keep this in mind when planning your rides.