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Project Summary

The Opportunity Corridor is a significant investment that can connect residents to the larger city and region through multiple modes of travel; however we must ensure that the result of this investment creates community and economic development opportunities for residents in some of Cleveland's most challenged communities. Residents in the neighborhoods around the corridor have strongly advocated for near and long term job creation as the benchmark for determining the viability of Opportunity Corridor.  


Creating connections will be an important part of the success of the $331 million investment in Opportunity Corridor. The City of Cleveland has been the critical link to ensuring that these "connections" occur on a number of fronts. The City of Cleveland has been instrumental in ensuring that bicycle amenities be included as part of creating those "connections". In addition, we have been instrumental in ensuring that the corridor is digitally "connected" and that the appropriate utility connectivity is in place to ensure that the conditions for investment are created along the corridor. The administration is working to guarantee that neighborhood residents remain "connected" to the city and larger region by ensuring that rapid transit access is maintained. Lastly, we have ensured that neighborhood streets are not cut off from the corridor due to the utilization of cul-de-sacs as an urban design solution; rather we ensured that neighborhood streets remained "connected" to this significant investment providing direct access to neighborhood streets. These fundamental "connections" are priorities for the Mayor.



Great Places


Cleveland Opportunity Corridor Brownfields Areawide Plan


Cleveland's first EPA-funded "Brownfield Areawide Plan" is a community-supported plan that focuses on a district known in recent decades as the "Forgotten Triangle," because of the area's widespread abandonment and environmental contamination.  After identifying the area's assets and challenges as well as recent investments, the plan then then proposes and illustrates strategies for redevelopment.


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