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Downtown/Flats Design Review Case Report


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Project Information

Downtown/Flats Case #  DF 2023-070

Address: 1971 -2111 Carter Road
Company: Lake Link LLC
Architect: Civic Builders

Seeking blanket approval (?)

Previous approvals:

Planning Commission/ Design Review Application

The following is a blanket application for homes to be constructed for lots 1 - 12 (1971 through 2111 Carter Road).  

The subdivision received final approval for the subdivision plot and recorded in November of 2017.  The attached design guidelines have been put in place by Cleveland City planning for custom housing which requires specific materials list, design guidelines and landscaping plans.  Utility placement has been approved, paid for and permitted for gas, water, sanitary and storm sewers by each applicable department.  Along with approval by the Ohio EPA for and water pollution control for 12 homes on Carter Road. 

A specific and unique set of design guidelines has already been approved by City planning with Planning Director Collier signing off on the plan in March of 2019.  These requirements will be adhered to for all custom homes on Carter road as part of the overall blanket  schematic approval in the Planning Commission/Design Review Application.  

Individual applications for each lot can also be submitted for approval due to the overall uniqueness of the project.  Both the historical complexities which lead to the various unprecedented requirements placed on this site and the desire for a unique overall appeal which will ultimately be an iconic housing development in our city.

Committee Actions/Submissions

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