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Links to Other Plans


Neighborhood & Small Area Plans

One of the key components of the Connecting Cleveland 2020 Plan is the adoption of local planning initiatives that conform with with the City’s overall vision.  These local plans have been prepared in partnership between the City, local development corporations, residents and other organizations of interest.

Development of these local plans is intended to empower residents and local stakeholders to craft their own vision for the future and support a “bottom up approach” to developing the comprehensive plan.  These plans will form the basis for recommending changes to zoning regulations and will be introduced to the City Planning Commission for adoption.

Region-wide Plans

In addition to neighborhood plans there are a number of other plans that have been developed separate from the Connecting Cleveland 2020 Plan process, that focus on many of the issues addressed in the comprehensive plan.  These plans either cover a larger geography and thereby set a context for the comprehensive plan or are focused in more detail on a specific issue or project that has a regional or citywide impact.  A list of those projects with connections to their websites can be accessed through the link above.