Mayor Frank G. Jackson's

Neighborhood Transformation Initiative

Planning Initiatives

Thrive 109-93

This plan seeks to unite the aspirations of each community into a coordinated playbook that each can follow, work towards and benefit from. The plan identifies ways in which communities along route #10 can work together to attract new investment and foster a renewed spirit of entrepreneurship.

East 79th Street TOD

This study examines the East 79th street corridor identifying opportunities for transit-oriented development in proximity to the RTA's Red and Blue/Green Line stations. In addition, this study will focus on roadway and land use enhancements that strengthen the north-south connection to the $331 million Opportunity Corridor.

Hyacinth TOD

The Hyacinth TOD as planned is a mixed-use community within an average 2,000-foot walking distance to the E 55th Street transit stop, and a core commercial area within one mile. This TOD could realize a mix of residential, retail, office, open space, and public uses in a walkable environment, which would be convenient for residents and employees to travel by transit, bicycle, foot, or car.

Opportunity Corridor

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