December 17, 2007


9:30   Ward 14
Calendar No. 07-237:           3113 Erin Avenue Joseph Santiago
    3 Notices

Victor Boggio, owner, appeals to install 64 linear feet of 4 foot high chain link fence with two gates in the actual front yard of a 50’ x 137’ parcel located in a Two-Family District on the south side of Erin Avenue at 3113 Erin Avenue; contrary to Section 358.04(c)(1) of the Fence Regulations, chain link fence is proposed and only ornamental fences shall be installed in actual front yards of a Residence District.
(Filed 11-15-07)                  

9:30   Ward 8
Calendar No. 07-240:        1055 East 105th Street Sabra Pierce Scott
    14 Notices

Cleveland Church of Christ, owner, appeals to construct a parking lot on property located in split zoning between a Local Retail Business District and a Two-Family District, between Massie and Pasadena Avenues on the east side of East 105th Street at 1055 East 105th Street; and the accessory use parking lot expands to within 15 feet of a Two-Family District and by reference, as regulated in a One-Family District, a church/place of worship and accessory uses are permitted in a Residence District, if located not less than 15 feet from any adjoining premises in a Residence District, according to the provisions of Section 337.02(e)(1) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 11-16-07

9:30   Ward 16
Calendar No. 07-241:         4450 Broadview Road Kevin Kelley
    17 Notices

Anthony Vanadia, owner, and Teresa Elkins, lessee, appeal to change use of a tavern in a mixed use building that includes a tavern, two storefronts and one dwelling unit, to include live entertainment/nightclub use in the tavern, located on a 40’ x 139.97’ parcel in a Local Retail Business District on the west side of Broadview Road at 4450 Broadview Road; subject to the limitations of Section 343.01(b)(2)(F), taverns providing entertainment or dancing  are not permitted but first permitted in a General Retail Business District, and the proposed use abuts a Residence District, contrary to Section 347.12(a) that requires a nightclub use to be a 500 foot distance from a Residence District; and an approximate size of the provided parking area is equal to one times the gross floor area, contrary to Section 349.04(e) and the requirement of a total parking area in the amount of three times the gross floor area of a nightclub use; with no transition strip provided at the rear of the premises that abuts a Residence District, where a 10 foot wide landscaped strip is required in the provisions of Sections 352.08 through Section 352.11 of the Codified Ordinances.  
(Filed 11-20-07)                  

9:30   Ward 11
Calendar No. 07-242:         1016 Nathaniel Road Michael Polensek
    7 Notices

Lashunda Lewis, owner, appeals to change the use of an existing two family dwelling to a Type A day care on a 38’ x 90.28’ parcel located in a Two-Family District on the south side of Nathaniel Road at 1016 Nathaniel Road; where the  change of use proposed in a Residence District must be 30 feet from any adjoining premises and is subject to the Board of Zoning Appeals approval, according to the provisions of Section 337.02(f)(3)(c) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 11-20-07)

  Ward 17
Calendar No. 07-244:      7414 Franklin Boulevard Matthew Zone
    1 Notice

Paul Putman, owner, appeals to install approximately 25 lineal feet of 6 foot high wooden fence in the actual interior side yard of an irregular shaped parcel, located in a Two-Family District on the north side of Franklin Boulevard at 7414 Franklin Boulevard; and no fence shall be higher than its distance from a residence building on an adjoining lot, as stated in Section 358.04(a) of the Codified Ordinances.
(Filed 11-26-07)