December 22, 2008




Ward 14

Calendar No. 08-211:

       3929 Lorain Avenue

Joseph Santiago



21 Notices

Louis Bodnar Funeral Home, owner, appeals to construct an addition to an existing funeral home and expand the use to include cremation services, located on a 50’ x 106.50’ corner lot in a Local Retail Business District at 3929 Lorain Avenue; subject to the limitations of Section 343.01, the proposed expansion of use is first permitted in a General Industry District as an accessory use or incidental to a permitted use, and only on special permit from the Board of Zoning Appeals when such use is within 300 feet of a Residence District, according to Sections 345.04(b)(5) of the Codified Ordinances.
(Filed 11-21-08)



Ward 14

Calendar No. 08-214:

       2012 West 25th Street

Joseph Santiago



27 Notices

United Twenty-Fifth Building LLC, owner, appeals for a change of use from office to office and apartments a 9-story building located on a 118.17’ x 239.96’ parcel in a General Retail Business District at 2012 West 25th Street; contrary to Section 355.04, a maximum lot overage area of 126,617 square feet is proposed and 42,480 square feet is permitted; and contrary to Section 357.04(a) no front yard is proposed and 30 feet is required; and under Section 357.08(b)(2) a 20 foot rear yard is required where none is proposed; and all accessory off-street parking spaces shall be provided with wheel or bumper guards, as stated in Section 349.07(b) of the Codified Ordinances.
(Filed 12-2-08)  



Ward 5

Calendar No. 08-217:

       5400 Cedar Avenue

Phyllis Cleveland



8 Notices

Abeco-Ayad, Inc., owner, and Mark Brown, tenant, appeal to establish use as a vehicle repair garage in an existing one-story building on a 200’ x 150.25’ corner lot in a General Retail Business District at 5400 Cedar Avenue; subject to the limitations of Section 343.11 a vehicle repair garage is not permitted but first permitted in a Semi-Industry District, provided that such use is located not less than 100 feet from a Residence District and the proposed use abuts a Multi-Family District; and a 10 foot wide landscaping/transition strip is required along the west side of the lot where the lot abuts a Multi-Family District, and a 6 foot wide landscaping strip is required along Cedar Avenue and East 55th Street, according to the provisions of Section 352.08 through 352.11 of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 12-2-08)



Ward 7

Calendar No. 08-218:

       1313 East 85th Street

J. Dow



5 Notices

Leonard Chrusinksi, owner, and Alma Smith, tenant, appeal to erect a 5’ x 37’ L-shaped, wolmanized wooden wheelchair ramp at the front of a two family dwelling on a 38’ x 116’ parcel, located in a Multi-Family District at 1311-1313 East 85th Street; and the proposed ramp is contrary to Section 357.13, not being a permitted encroachment under the provisions of the Yards and Courts Regulations in the Codified Ordinances.  (Filed 12-2-08)



Ward 13

Calendar No. 08-219:

       1015 University Road

Joe Cimperman



4 Notices

Matt Russell, owner, appeals to use an area of the front setback for a parking space on a 33.50’ x 102.67’ parcel located in a Multi-Family District at 1015 University Road;  contrary to Section 349.05(a), the proposed parking space is not located behind the setback building line and it may not be within 10 feet of any walls of a residential building or structure, if such walls contain a ground floor opening designed to provide light or ventilation for such building or structure. (Filed 12-2-08)