December 1, 2008




Ward 14

Calendar No. 08-199:

       3121 West 33rd Street 

Joseph Santiago



10 Notices

The 3043 Superior Building Corporation, owner, and the San Lorenzo Club and Manuel Acevedo, purchaser, appeal to establish use of a two-story 7,793 square foot building on a 70’ x 132’ parcel to be a members only, private social club, located in a Two-Family District; and subject to the limitations of Section 337.03, the proposed use is first permitted in a Multi-Family District; and no parking area is provided contrary to Section 349.04(e) that requires parking  equal to one-half the gross floor area, or a 3,896.5 square foot parking area of 13 parking spaces; and under the provisions of Section 359.02, a private club formerly in the premises is considered discontinued, due to its cessation for more than two (2) years and requires a new use to be established.  (Filed 10-28-08)   



Ward 3

Calendar No. 08-200:

     12408 Union Avenue

Zachary Reed



26 Notices

Fahed Hamze, owner, and AT&T Mobility, prospective lessee, appeal to add a 15 foot antenna extension to a 110 foot high existing nonconforming telecommunications tower in a Local Retail Business District, for which the Board of Zoning Appeals granted approval with conditions in Calendar No. 00-249; and subject to the provisions of Section 354.10, an existing nonconforming telecommunications tower may be continued, but such tower shall not be made more nonconforming unless the alteration is approved by the Board of Zoning Appeals.  The existing tower being nonconforming in location, not permitted in Local Retail per Section 354.06(a); and approximately 100 feet from a residential district, contrary to a setback from residential district lines that is a distance of three times the tower height, or 345 feet; and a tower height may exceed the height limit of 35 feet only when it is in compliance with all other provisions of Chapter 354 of the Zoning Code.
(Filed 10-29-08)



Ward 3

Calendar No. 08-201:

      3426 East 140th Street

Zachary Reed



20 Notices

Clarence Miller, owner, and Rona Huckabee, prospective tenant, appeal to change use from a four dwelling unit to a charitable institution providing residence and education counseling, recovery support services, physical and mental therapy, life skills and financial counseling, among other services for 8 women with 2 to 5 employees, located in a Multi-Family District on a 42’ x 145.31’ parcel; contrary to Section 337.08(e)(8) the proposed use is a distance of approximately 3 feet and it may not be located less than 15 feet from an adjoining premises not used for a similar purpose; and 4 accessory off-street parking spaces are provided, contrary to 5 spaces, or one space per staff member, plus one for each 6 beds,  according to the provisions of Section 349.04(d) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 11-3-08)



Ward 19

Calendar No. 08-206:

     3435 West 127th Street

Dona Brady



3 Notices

The Salvation Army, owner, appeals to install approximately 21 linear feet of 4 foot high chain link fence in the front setback of a 40’ x 105’ parcel located in an A1 One-Family District, contrary to Section 358(c)(1) that allows only ornamental fence that is 50 percent open to be installed in the actual front setback in a residential district.
 (Filed 11-13-08)