October 13, 2008




Ward 12

Calendar No. 08-172:

         4200 East 71st Street

Anthony Brancatelli



20 Notices

Newburg & South Shore Railway, LLC, owner, and Kokosing Materials, Inc., prospective lessee, appeal to install a portable asphalt plant on a portion of an approximate 55 acre railway yard in a General Industry District; subject to the limitations of Section 345.04(b)(1) asphalt or tar manufacturing or refining are prohibited as the main use of the premises, permitted only as accessory uses or incidental to a permitted use and only on special permit from the Board of Zoning Appeals; and the provisions of Section 347.05 for Specific Uses Regulated require that no space for the storage or distribution of coal, cinders, stone, slag, sand, cement, lime, iron ore or similar dust-producing material nor space for manufacturing, refining or mixing tar, asphalt or other similar binding or waterproofing material shall be located less than 300 feet from a Residence District, a Local Retail or General Retail Business District, except where the dust, smoke, odor, noise and vibration wherefrom will effectively be confined to the premises; and as stated in Section 349.07(a), accessory off-street parking spaces, driveways and maneuvering areas shall be properly graded for drainage so that all water is drained within the lot providing such parking spaces, surfaced with concrete, asphalt or similar surfacing material maintained in good condition and free of debris and trash; and the yard must be enclosed within a minimum seven foot high, solid masonry wall or slightly solid, nontransparent, well-maintained substantial fence, according to the provisions of Section 345.04(a)(4) of the Codified Ordinances.    (Filed 9-18-08)



Ward 3

Calendar No. 08-173:

    14501-09 Kinsman Road

Zachary Reed



19 Notices

SJV Properties, owner, appeal to erect a one-story, 11,794 gross floor area, multi-tenant retail building with 32 accessory off-street parking spaces in split zoning between Local Retail Business and Two-Family Districts on the northwest corner of Kinsman Road and East 145th Street; there being a portion of development that extends into the Two-Family District contrary to Section 337.03; and a driveway at the northeast corner of the property is located 11 feet from the property line, and not less than 15 feet is required according to Section 343.18(c) of the Codified Ordinances.  (Filed 9-19-08)                                               



Ward 14

Calendar No. 08-174:

       2013 Columbus Road

Joseph Santiago



11 Notices

Morgan Services, Inc., owner, appeals for the addition of 25 parking spaces to an existing parking lot on a 115.50’ x 156.75’ parcel in a Semi-Industry District; proposing to install a 6 foot high chain link fence along West 21st Place, contrary to Section 358.05(a)(2) and that fences in actual front and side street yards in a non-residential district shall not exceed a height of 4 feet.  (Filed 9-22-08)