October 6, 2008




Ward 17

Calendar No. 08-167:

         5100 Clark Avenue

Matthew Zone



11 Notices

Prime Properties, LLC, owner, appeal to add a drive-through at an existing gas station located on a 117.33’ x 132’ corner parcel in a General Retail Business District; contrary to Sections 347.16(d)(4), pedestrian routes between the entrances to principal structures and any parking area or sidewalk that require the crossing of drive-through lanes to be either avoided or clearly identified by pavement markings or signage and none is proposed; no measurement is shown for drive-through and by-pass lanes that must be a minimum of 10 feet wide and the number for off-street stacking spaces is not indicated for customer vehicles in a drive-through lane, contrary to Sections 347.16(d)(3) and Sections 347.16(d)(1).  No landscaping is proposed where a 10 foot wide landscaping strip with 75 percent year-round opacity is required at the rear of the property between the General Retail District and the abutting Two-Family District, and a 4 foot wide landscaping frontage strip with 50 percent year-round opacity is required along Clark Avenue contrary to Section 352.11.  (Filed 8-19-08)



Ward 16

Calendar No. 08-169:

         5000 Pearl Road

Kevin Kelley



10 Notices

Myron Kaplan, owner, appeals to use for auto wrecking and dismantling purposes a structure identified as “Building B”, that is located on an acreage parcel on the west side of Pearl Road in a Semi-Industry and General Industry District; the proposed use being first permitted in a General Industry District, in accordance with the provisions of Section 345.04(a)(1)(C)(4); and the Board of Zoning Appeals approval is required for the expansion of a nonconforming use, as stated in Section 359.01 of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 9-11-08)


         Violation Notice

Ward 15

Calendar No. 08-171:

    3616 Riverside Avenue

Brian Cummins




Alexandria and Charlene Jorge appeal under authority of Section 76-6 of the  Charter of the City of Cleveland and Section 329.02(d) of the Codified Ordinances, from a Violation Notice issued by the Department of Building and Housing on August 18, 2008 for the property at 3616 Riverside Avenue and failure to comply with Sections 358.03 and 358.04 of the Fence Regulations.
(Filed 9-16-08)