September 15, 2008




Ward 11

Calendar No. 08-154:

      17812 Landseer Road

Michael Polensek



7 Notices

Nicholas Underhill, owner, appeals to erect a 24’ x 46’ two-story kitchen and room addition to a single family dwelling located in an A1 One-Family District, and subject to Section 327.02(e) a proposed consolidation of two individual lots requires approval from the Division of Engineering and Construction; and contrary to Section 355.04(b) a requested maximum gross floor area of 4,881 square feet exceeds 4,600 square feet or 50 percent of the lot size; and a rear yard of 5 feet is requested contrary to 20 feet that is required according to Section 357.08(b)(1) of the Codified Ordinances.   (Filed 8-14-08)



Ward 9

Calendar No. 08-156:

      751-53 Lakeview Road

Kevin Conwell



13 Notices

Terry Maynard and Charlene Hunter, co-owners, appeal to change use of an existing three-story multi-family building to an adult day care facility, located in a Multi-Family District on the east side of Lakeview Road; and the provisions of Section 337.08(e) require that a home for the aged/adult care facility is permitted, provided that the building and accessory uses are not less than 15 feet from any adjoining premises in a Residence District not used for a similar purpose.  (Filed 8-18-08)



Ward 2

Calendar No. 08-159:

      4060 East 116th Street

Robert White



6 Notices

Number One Grace LLC, owner, appeals to establish use of a 77,500 square foot auto wrecking yard, located on an irregular shaped parcel in a General Industry District on the west side of East 116th Street and Harvard Avenue; contrary to Section 349.04(j) there are 5 parking spaces provided as opposed to a requirement for 39 spaces, based upon 15 percent of the gross lot area, or 11,600 square feet, plus 1 space for each employee that are required.
(Filed 8-25-08)



Ward 2

Calendar No. 08-160:

       10801 Meech Avenue      

Robert White



8 Notices

Dumpsites Unlimited LLC, owner, appeal to establish use for processing and storing of landscaping materials for distribution and sale and a use of the premises for recycling of construction debris material and sale, the proposed uses to be on an acreage parcel located in a General Industry District on the south side of Meech Avenue at 10801 Meech Avenue; where open yard storage of secondhand lumber, other used building material or salvaged articles is permitted, provided that such uses are enclosed within a minimum 7 foot high solid wall or fence as stated in Section 345.04(a)(3); and subject to the limitations of Section 347.05, no space for storage or distribution of stone, sand, or similar dust producing material shall be located less than 300 feet from a residence district, and the proposed use is approximately 125 feet from a One-Family District; and the provisions of Section 347.06(d) limit the storage of junk or other used material to be piled not higher than 3 feet above the height of the enclosure wall or fence; and accessory off-street parking spaces, driveways and maneuvering areas shall be properly graded for drainage so that all water is properly drained within the lot, surfaced with concrete, asphalt or similar surfacing material, maintained in good condition and free of debris and trash, according to the provisions of Section 349.07(a) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 8-27-08)