August 25, 2008




Ward 3

Calendar No. 08-92:

15404 Kinsman Road

Zachary Reed



21 Notices

Brett Greer, owner, appeals to change the use of property at 15404 Kinsman Road and an associated property at 3515 East 154th Street from 12 dwelling units and two stores to a combination of stores and an accessory parking lot in a Local Retail Business District and a Two-Family District; contrary to Section 337.03 of the Zoning Code where a retail store and accessory parking are not permitted in a Two-Family District and are first permitted in a Local Retail Business District, and contrary to Section 352.09 of the Zoning Code where a 8’-wide transition strip is required at the rear of the property where it abuts a Two-Family District and 6’ is proposed, and contrary to Section 357.07 of the Zoning Code where a 10’ specific setback is required and 5’ is proposed, and contrary to Section 349.07(c) of the Zoning Code where the driveway to the parking shall be so located and arranged to minimize traffic congestion, and the proposed parking is arranged so that vehicles are parked and pulled off directly to the street, and contrary to Section 343.18(d) of the Zoning Code where a driveway no more than 30’ wide is permitted, and the proposed driveway on East 154th Street is 80’ wide.  (Filed 5-5-08, prior to full site control being obtained)



Ward 13

Calendar No. 08-151:

2428 St. Clair Avenue

Joseph Cimperman



13 Notices

The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 268, c/o Roger Kwiatowski, Financial Secretary-Treasurer, appeals to erect 71’ of 6’-high black ornamental metal fencing in a front yard and interior side yard of a property at 2428 St. Clair Avenue in a Semi-Industry District; contrary to Section 358.05(a)(2) of the Zoning Code which limits fence height in front yard areas to 4’.  (Filed 8-6-08)



Ward 19

Calendar No. 08-97:

12510 Triskett Road

Dona Brady
5 Notices




Triskett Road Storage LLC, owner, and Clear Channel Outdoor, tenant, appeal to change an existing billboard to a digital electronic billboard unit, located on an acreage parcel in a Semi-Industry District on the north side of Triskett Road at 12510 Triskett Road; contrary to a denied permit application on February 29, 2008 and the required approval from the City Planning Commission for replacement/reconstruction of an existing nonconforming billboard, according to the provisions of Section 350.10(1) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 3-14-08). (Re-Filed 6-3-08)




Ward 4

Calendar No. 08-107:

     2950-66 East 116th Street        

Kenneth Johnson



20 Notices

Amjad Hamdeh, owner, appeal to construct a service/gas station on consolidated parcels located in a Local Retail Business District on the northwest corner of East 116th Street and Forest Avenue at 2950-66 East 116th Street; subject to the limitations of Section 343.01 a service/gas station is first permitted in a General Retail Business District; and a dumpster is within the 8 foot transition strip area at the rear of the lot where it abuts a Two-Family District, contrary to the provisions of Section 352.09 of the Codified Ordinances.
(Filed 5-21-08)                       




Ward 2

Calendar No. 08-131: 

           4060 East 116th Street

Robert White



6 Notices

Number 1 Grace LLC, owner, appeals from the decision of the Cleveland Zoning Administrator to deny an application for Certificate of Occupancy for a 77,500 square foot auto wrecking yard, located on an irregular shaped parcel in a General Industry District on the west side of East 116th Street and Harvard Avenue at 4060 East 116th Street; and 5  parking spaces are provided, contrary to a requirement for 39 spaces based upon 15 percent of the gross lot area, or 11,600 square feet, plus 1 space for each employee that is required according to the provisions of Section 349.04(j) of the Codified Ordinances.(Filed 7-2-08)




Ward 16

Calendar No. 08-132:

       4524 Broadview Road

Kevin Kelley



Violation Notice

Manuel McDonald appeals under the authority of Section 76-6 of the Cleveland City Charter and Section 329.02(d) of the Cleveland Codified Ordinances from a Notice of Violation, issued by the Building and Housing Department on April 3, 2008 for failure to comply with the Zoning Code and the Requirements for Yards and Courts under Section 357.14 and the Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements under Sections 349.13(c)(6) of the Cleveland Codified Ordinances. (Filed 7-2-08)