June 23, 2008




Ward 1

Calendar No. 08-81:

           14700 Miles Avenue

Nina Turner



12 Notices

Michael Sudman, owner, and Edvin Hitaj, tenant, appeal to expand the use of a wrecking and storage yard to include auto sales and repair on a 201’ x 154’ parcel located in a Semi-Industry District on the south side of Miles Avenue at 14700 Miles Avenue; subject to the limitations of Section 345.03, an auto wrecking/salvage yard is not permitted but first permitted in a General Industry District; and no certificate of occupancy has been obtained for auto wrecking, storage and repair, contrary to the provisions of Section 327.02(c), that no change, substitution, extension of use nor new use of the premises is permitted until a certificate of occupancy has been issued; and the expansion of a nonconforming use requires Board of Zoning Appeals approval according to Section 359.01 of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 4-23-08)   



Ward 11

Calendar No. 08-83:

        15606 St. Clair Avenue

Michael Polensek



18 Notices

Jimmie Poole, owner, appeals for a change of use from office and one dwelling unit to a day care for after school activities for 15 children ages 5 to 15 years an existing mixed use building on an irregular shaped parcel located in a Local Retail Business District at 15606 St. Clair Avenue; contrary to Section 357.07 three parking spaces are within the front setback and a 10 foot wide specific setback is required; no transition strip is proposed, contrary to the requirement of Section 352.09 for an 8 foot wide transition strip at the rear of the lot where it abuts a Two-Family District; and accessory off-street parking spaces shall be provided with wheel or bumper guards as stated in Section 349.07(b) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 4-29-08)



Ward 20

Calendar No. 08-85:

          3561 West 140th Street

Martin Sweeney



10 Notices

LaManna Properties, LLC, owner, appeal to establish use for used car sales and storage on a 54’ x 329.73’ irregular shaped parcel in a General Industry District on the east side of West 140th Street at 3561 West 140th Street; subject to the limitations of Section 347.11, a used car sales lot must be at least 60 feet in width and in a General Industry District, a car display area must be graded for proper drainage into City storm sewers.  The provisions of Section 345.03 permit vehicle storage, provided that the area is surrounded by a seven foot high wall or fence and that there is no wrecking nor dismantling of motor vehicles nor storage of vehicles pending wrecking or dismantling on the premises; and customer parking spaces shall be at least 180 square feet, as stated in Section 325.03 of the Codified Ordinances.  (Filed 4-29-08)



Ward 12

Calendar No. 08-102:

           7313 Covert Avenue

Anthony Brancatelli



9 Notices

Antoinette Brown, owner, appeals to add the use of a beauty/hair salon in the basement of a one family dwelling on a 41’ x 134.56’ parcel located in a B1 Two-Family District on the north side of Covert Avenue at 7313 Covert Avenue; and in a residence district, customary home occupation for gain is permitted with the provision that no personal physical service is performed, as stated in Section 337.23(a)(2) of the Codified Ordinances.  (Filed 5-20-08)



Ward 20

Calendar No. 08-104:

        4101 West 140th Street

Martin Sweeney



6 Notices

Christopher Tindira, owner, appeals to erect an 8’ x 26’ wolmanized wooden deck in the side yard of a single family residence on a 45’ x 126.66’ corner parcel in an A1 One-Family District on the northeast corner of West 140th Street and Elsetta Avenue; contrary to the Area Regulations, a 3 foot side street yard is provided and not less than 5 feet is required according to the provisions of Section 357.05(a) of the Codified Ordinances.   (Filed 5-21-08)



Ward 15

Calendar No. 08-106:

          2301 Broadview Road

Brian Cummins



13 Notices

Barbara Scott, owner appeals to construct a deck within the front yard of an existing one and two story building on a 40’ x 130’ parcel in a Local Retail Business District at 2301 Broadview Road; contrary to Section 357.13 an outdoor deck is not a permitted front yard encroachment in a Local Retail District; and no additional parking is proposed where additional off-street parking spaces are required, based upon one for each 100 square feet of floor area devoted to patron use, or three additional parking spaces, according to Section 349.04(f) of the Codified Ordinances.
(Filed 5-20-08)



Ward 21

Calendar No. 08-111:

          17119 Lorain Avenue     

Martinn Keane



8 Notices

Patrick Campbell and Tom Leneghan, owners, appeal to erect a 270 square foot patio in front of an existing tavern on a 30’ x 150’ parcel in a Local Retail Business District at 17119 Lorain Avenue; subject to Section 357.07(a) a specific 15 foot building line, zoning map setback exists for Lorain Avenue at this site; the proposed patio for a tavern is contrary to Section 357.13(b) and not a permitted front building setback encroachment; no accessory off-street parking is provided, where required parking at the rate of one space per four seats, or four additional parking spaces are required, as stated in Section 349.04(f) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 5-30-08)




Ward 13

Calendar No. 08-68:

            3232 Lakeside Avenue    

Joe Cimperman



5 Notices

Flextron LLC, owner, and Theodore Talliere, agent, appeal to change use from a bar/restaurant to adult cabaret an existing two-story building on a 130.66’ x 117.25’ corner parcel in a General Industry District on the southwest corner of Lakeside Avenue at East 33rd Street at 3232 Lakeside Avenue; subject to the provisions of Section 349.01(c), whenever the existing use of a building or structure shall hereafter be changed to a new use, parking facilities shall be provided as required for such new use; and no accessory off-street parking is provided, where a parking area equal to three times the gross floor area, or approximately 15,300 square feet of accessory off-street parking area is required, according to Section 349.04(e) of the Codified Ordinances.  (Filed 4-11-08; no testimony taken.)

First postponement requested by the Councilman for additional review of the applicants’ plan.