March 17, 2008


9:30   Ward 17
Calendar No. 08-11:      3239 West 54th Street     Matthew Zone
    7 Notices

Tom Pallas, owner, appeals to change use from one dwelling unit and living room to two dwelling units an existing building located on a 40’ x 126’ corner parcel in a B1 Two-Family District at 3239 West 54th Street; contrary to Section 349.04 no parking spaces are provided and 2 are required; a total width of interior side yards equals 7 feet, contrary to 10 feet and Section 357.09(2)A and a distance requirement of 10 feet  from a main building on an adjoining premises; an interior side yard of 1’-6” is provided contrary to Section 357.09(2)B where a 5 foot distance is required; a lot size of 5,040 square feet is provided contrary to 6,000 square feet and a minimum floor area measuring 721 square feet is provided, contrary to 950 square feet and Section 355.04; and the existing nonconforming use building requires approval from the Board of Zoning Appeals, as stated in the provisions of Section 359.01 of the Codified Ordinances. (2-25-08)

  Ward 2
Calendar No. 08-27:      13013 Corlett Avenue Robert White
    19 Notices

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District, owner, and Jeff Henderson, agent, appeal to construct a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade public school building on an acreage parcel between East 129th and East 131st Streets in a B1 Two-Family District at 13013 Corlett Avenue; the proposed building and uses being subject to the provisions of Sections 337.02(f)(3)(A) and required to be not less than 30’ from any adjoining premises in a residence district not used for a similar purpose; and  requires the Board of Zoning Appeals approval, after public notice and hearing, to determine if there are adequate yard spaces and other safeguards to preserve the character of the neighborhood and whether such buildings and uses are appropriately located and designed to meet a community need without adversely affecting the neighborhood; 53 parking spaces are proposed, where the required parking equals 91 spaces, one for each two staff members and other employees and one for each six school gymnasium seats or a total parking area equal to three times the gross floor area, whichever is greater, according to the provisions of Sections 349.04(c)(e); and a 6 foot wide frontage landscaped strip is required along the parking lot areas that front along East 129th Street and Gay Avenue, as stated in Sections 352.10 and 352.11 of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 2-13-08)

     Ward 6
Calendar No. 08-29:         11901 Mayfield Road       Mamie Mitchell
    17 Notices

Constance Perotti, owner, and Mayfield Lofts LLC appeal to erect a 6-story, 24,410 square foot, 70 foot high condominium building with parking on the ground floor, proposed to be located on a 66.67’ x 110’ parcel in a Semi-Industry District on the  north side of Mayfield Road at 11901 Mayfield Road; subject to the limitations of Section 355.04, in a “B” Area District the maximum gross floor area of a residential building may not exceed one-half the lot size, and a square foot floor area of 24,410 is proposed contrary to 3,666 square feet; the proposed 70 foot building height being contrary to Section 353.01 that limits the maximum building height to 60 feet in a “2” Height District; no side yards are provided contrary to Section 357.09(b)(2)(c) where side yards equal to one-fourth the height of the building or 17.5 feet are required; and a 10 foot rear yard is provided, contrary to Section 357.08(b)(2) that requires a rear yard equal to one-half the height of the building, or 35 feet; and no front setback is provided where a 10 foot setback, as specifically noted on the Zoning Map, is required according to the provisions of Section 357.07(a) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 2-15-08)           

9:30   Ward 20
Calendar No. 08-39:        13724 Puritas Avenue            Martin Sweeney
    13 Notices

Charles Jackson, owner, appeals to expand an existing nonconforming limited auto repair operation by removing limitations of radiator repair and auto parts sales only, imposed by the Cleveland Board of Zoning Appeals in Calendar No. 80-78 and proposing complete auto repair in a 48’ x 27’ one-story masonry building on a 170’ x 127’ irregular shaped corner parcel, located in split zoning between General Retail Business and Multi-Family Districts on the northeast corner of Bellaire Road and Puritas Avenue at 13724 Puritas Avenue; the proposed expansion being subject to the Board of Zoning Appeals approval according to the provisions of Section 359.01(a) and Section 352.07(b)(2)(B), where the Board of Zoning Appeals determination of adequacy of landscaping for an expansion of a nonconforming use is required, prior to the issuance of a building permit or Certificate of Occupancy; and a 6 foot wide landscaped transition strip providing fifty percent year-round opacity is required where the premises abut Bellaire Road and Puritas Avenue, and limited landscaping only is shown at the point of the triangle shaped property.
(Filed 2-22-08)