Month 18, 2008


9:30   Ward 6
Calendar No. 07-258:         2287 East 105th Street Mamie Mitchell
    9 Notices

Blasé Pietrafese, owner, and Anita Lillard, prospective tenant, appeal to install approximately 72 lineal feet of 6 foot high chain link fence on a 50’ x 115’ corner parcel, located in a General Retail Business District on the northeast corner of East 105th Street and Norman Avenue at 2287 East 105th Street; contrary to the Fence Regulations a 6 foot height is proposed and in a non-residential district, other than General and Unrestricted Industry Districts, fences in actual front and side street yards shall not exceed 4 feet in height and shall be at least 50 percent open above 2 feet in height, as stated in Section 358.05(a)(2) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 12-7-07)

9:30   Ward 12
Calendar No. 08-1:         3573 East 78th Street Anthony Brancatelli
    21 Notices

Cleveland Wire Cloth and Manufacturing Company, owner, appeals to construct a one-story addition at an existing manufacturing facility, located on an acreage parcel in a Semi-Industry District on the east side of East 78th Street at 3573 East 78th Street; contrary to Section 349.07(c)(3) the proposed driveway along East 78th Street is 42 feet wide and exceeds the maximum allowed width of 30 feet; with a proposed dock approximately 40 feet from the building line along the street where not less than 50 feet is required there from and is 65 feet from the street center line, contrary to Section 349.17 that requires not less than 80 feet from the street center line; and by the provisions of Sections 352.10 and 352.11, a 10 foot wide landscape transition strip with seventy-five percent year-round opacity is required along the south side area of the lot abutting a Two-Family District; and razor wire is not a permitted fence material as stated in Section 358.05 of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 1-7-08)

9:30   Ward 13
Calendar No. 08-2:            2708 Jay Avenue Joe Cimperman
    8 Notices

David Posteraro, owner, appeals to erect a one-story frame addition to an existing one family dwelling for a 22’ x 20’ two car garage and an 18’ x 20’ family room on an 85.92’ x 55.38’ corner lot, located in a B1 Two-Family District on the northeast corner of Jay Avenue and West 28th Street at 2708 Jay Avenue; the proposed addition contrary to Section 355.04, exceeding fifty percent of the lot size with 7,539 square feet proposed and 2,379 square feet allowed; a proposed rear yard depth of 5 feet 6 ¾”  proposed contrary to 20 feet and Section 357.08(2)(b)(1); with side yards of 3 feet and 4 foot 8” provided where the aggregate width of side yards is 10 feet, as stated in Section 357.09(b)(2)(c) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 1-8-08)