Research facilities surrounded by a cycle track.


The New Economy Neighborhood is a mixed-use technology research district designed for office space, retail, housing, green space, and parking. This area is adjacent to the Opportunity Corridor and will bring economic growth into this distressed area of Fairfax. A conceptual plan for the future of this 42-acre area is completed. The plan calls for creating a campus like setting with new buildings arranged to form a civic edge along Cedar Avenue and E. 105th Street. In addition to the desired infusion of employment and retail. The west side of East 105th street along the corridor will include the introduction of higher density residential that will promote housing investment in close proximity to new jobs. This approach will increase walkability and lower housing and transportation cost for residents who choose to live in Renaissance Village.

Envisioned uses include a mix of high-performance office space in three- to five-story structures with ground floor commercial at key corners. Parking will be accommodated in a mix of surface and structured spaces tucked behind buildings. Green infrastructure is planned to detain and clean stormwater.

Amazon Headquarters - Seattle, WA
Re-use of existing building with a new building addition in a walkable environment.

Key strategic next steps by the City of Cleveland and Partners: