Urban Farming - Cleveland, OH
Large scale urban farming next to food retailers in Ohio City.


The Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone - Encompassing 28 acres of vacant land in the "Forgotten Triangle" the zone was established to encourage creative agricultural activities. The zone currently includes Rid-All Green Partnership's urban farm and the Kinsman Farm - a farming incubator that provides one-quarter acre plots for local gardeners trying to scale up their production capacity. Burten, Bell, Carr Development serves as the Zone's "facilitator," a role that encompasses promoting the district, attracting resources, and planning for new development. Future plans include acquiring additional vacant tracts and developing an Urban Ag Zone Greenhouse Training Program, which will include a food preparation kitchen, a retail store, interior urban gardens, a second aquaponics system, and training for those interested in urban agriculture careers.

Community Garden - Cleveland, OH
Shared community garden space along a main corridor.

Key strategic next steps by the City of Cleveland and Partners: