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As the City of Cleveland realizes its promise of a healthier city, the Cleveland City Planning Commission (CCPC)  uses a tool called Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to investigate and recommend approaches to neighborhood planning and development that enable healthier and more active living. Healthy Hough is a project led by the CCPC that highlights the unique relationship between placemaking and public health and attempts to codify the community's health and place based needs into design guidelines. 


The project is supported through a grant from the Pew Charitable Trust  and Saint Luke's Foundation. To execute this HIA, the CCPC has brought onboard urban design consulting firm Crea Consulting and has partnered with local institutional and community stakeholders who are committed to promoting healthier, safer communities.

Through an intimate and transparent engagement process, the Healthy Hough team has identified 5 key priorities of Safety, Transportation, Access to Healthy Food, Local Employment and Youth Engagement. The team has invited community members and stakeholders to co-create solutions within each of these priority areas that would help achieve their vision of a healthier, safer, more engaged Hough. The team will then use these solutions as guideposts to develop place-based design guidelines to help the CCPC shepherd future development in and around the neighborhood.

Health Impact Assesment