Housing Design Review Subcommittee (HDRS)

Generally, applications for residential developments involving six (6) or more units are referred to the Local Design Review Advisory Committee and the City Planning Commission. For residential developments involving (5) or less units, applications are reviewed by an in-house committee of city staff known as The Housing Design Review Subcommittee (HDRS). HDRS follows the same procedures under section 341.05 for Standards of Review and Administrative Approval. HDRS Applications are also governed by the 341.05 (a) Contents of Application. The HDRS Checklist is not comprehensive but created to assist applicants with the process.

HDRS Members are not appointed. Core members are persons knowledgeable about the process and policies that may impact residential proposals from both the City Planning and Community Development perspectives. Adjunct members are Neighborhood Planners responsible for advocating and shepherding these residential projects through the City Planning process.

HDRS typically meets the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month as needed. Please refer to the HDRS Calendar.

Current Core members of HDRS as of August 24, 2022:

Current Adjunct members of HDRS as of August 24, 2022:

Current non-voting or alternate members