Housing Design Reveiw Subcommittee (HDRS)

The Housing Design Review Subcommittee (HDRS) is an in-house committee made up of city staff that reviews housing projects of 5 or less units. HDRS meets every 2 weeks as needed. A recommendation is made to approve, approve with conditions or disapprove a project. If approved, the Director will sign the permit application on behalf of the Planning Commission and the building permit will move forward in the workflow. If disapproved the applicant can make a presentation to the Planning Commission to obtain an approval. The Director can also overrule the committee if she feels the project is appropriate.

HDRS Members are not appointed. Core members are persons who had expressed an interest in being on the Subcommittee. Adjunct members are planners, and they are responsible for shepherding these housing projects through the City Planning process.

Current Core members of HDRS as of August 24, 2022:

Current Adjunct members of HDRS as of August 24, 2022: