May 14, 2007


9:30   Ward 9
Calendar No. 07-50: 2025 Stokes Boulevard Kevin Conwell
    4 Notices

University Circle, Incorporated, owner, and National City Bank, lessee, appeal to erect a 3,599 square foot, one-story bank building and a 14 car parking lot, proposed to be situated on an acreage corner parcel located in a C3 General Retail Business District on the northeast corner of Stokes Boulevard and Deering Avenue at 2025 Stokes Boulevard; contrary to Section 357.01(d) the building is within the required 10’ setback along Stokes Boulevard; and a driveway is proposed approximately 10’ from an adjoining property line in a retail district where a driveway must be 15’ from an adjoining property line, according to Section 343.18(b) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 4-11-07)

9:30   Ward 13
Calendar No. 07-54: 3455 Campbell Road Joe Cimperman
    2 Notices

Norfolk Southern Corporation, owner, and FPT Weingold, LLC, lessee, appeal to use an acreage parcel located in an A3 Unrestricted Industry District on the south side of Campbell Road between Independence Avenue and the Cuyahoga River at 3455 Campbell Road; the proposed use by reference being regulated according to Section 345.04(a)(3), where a scrap yard is permitted, provided such use is enclosed within a minimum 7’ high solid masonry wall or slightly solid nontransparent, well-maintained substantial fence; and Section 347.06(d) states that the height of material shall not be piled higher than three feet above the height of the wall or fence enclosing the yard, provided that at any point closer than five feet of the enclosure, the material shall not be piled above the height of the wall or fence; and accessory off-street parking spaces, driveways and maneuvering areas shall be properly graded for drainage so that all water is drained within the lot providing such parking spaces, surfaced with concrete, asphaltic concrete, or asphalt or similar surfacing material, maintained in good condition, free of debris and trash, according to Section 349.07(a) of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 4-16-07)

9:30   Ward 6
Calendar No. 07-55: 9300 Quincy Avenue Patricia Britt
    15 Notices

The Cuyahoga County Board of County Commissioners, owner, and Tim Stone, agent, appeal to construct a public juvenile court and detention center facility, proposed to be situated on a flag-shaped acreage parcel on the southwest corner of East 93rd Street and Quincy Avenue in a C3 General Retail Business District at 9300 Quincy Avenue; as proposed there are 52 accessory off-street parking spaces, contrary to Section 349.04(d)(g) where the requirement for the courthouse equals 771 spaces and 652 spaces are required for the detention center facility, or a total of 1,423 parking spaces; and the building height of 175’ exceeds the height limit of 115’ in a 3 Height District, contrary to Section 353.01of the Codified Ordinances. (Filed 4-17-07)

10:30   Ward 5
Calendar No. 06-247: 7211 Quincy Avenue Phyllis Cleveland
    9 Notices

A Motion for Rehearing having been approved, Robert Rosen, owner, appeals to have the outside storage of trailers, containers and scrap metals on a 152.58’ x 150’ parcel, located in a General Retail Business District on the north side of Quincy Avenue at 7211 Quincy Avenue; the proposed outside storage being contrary to Section 343.11, not permitted in a General Retail Business District but first permitted in a General Industry District; and the expansion of a nonconforming use requires the Board of Zoning Appeals approval as stated in Section 359.01 of the Codified Ordinances. (Motion approved 4-16-07)